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About Us


We are a team of managers, entrepreneurs and international buyers, united by the expertise and enthusiasm for the fashion industry. After years of booming today the market of the Fashion industry is going through a difficult phase of profound change, imposing a reflection and a new approach to the market.

For these reason we have created meninoutifit.com. We perceive the need to attract new customers in the world and bringing them closer to the creativity of our products. A window in to the world of online shopping that allows you to buy having the same feeling of entering in your own boutique. Here the shopping experience becomes a moment of levity, evasion and divertissement.

We work directly with brands, boutiques and artisans of fashion, on meninoutfit.com we explain us their creations, we write articles, we present them to our customers by giving them the opportunity to buy this pieces in preview. All this has been made ​​possible by the participation of influential partners and with a high credit rating and an excellent reputation in the international fashion world.


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